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Meritok Online - Shopping Mall, based in Vapi, Gujarat is a venture of Meritok Fashion LLP incorporated in August 2013. Meritok Online is an online shopping mall or a marketplace meaning it brings products from multiple sellers at a single place. Anyone with genuine products can register as merchant to sell on Meritok Online. We dedicate ourselves to market merchant products at a very low commission which is to be paid only when orders are placed by the customers. Meritok Online is associated with several top class brands. Customer satisfaction is our prime motive and we make sure we give the best experience to the customers who visit our online store.

Consumer focus is our motive and we bring to our customers the best they can find in the world of fashion. While giving the information about the product we try to give as much input to the customer including the technical specifications and other details. Any customer can go through our website and compare various products and read the reviews of our products written by other users.

The name Meritok has been derived from the English term Meritocracy.

Meritocracy, in an administrative sense, is defined as a system wherein appointments and responsibilities are assigned to individuals based upon their "merits", namely intelligence, credentials, and education, determined through evaluations or examinations.

In other words Meritocracy means a system wherein progress is based on ability and talent rather than on class privilege, wealth or favoritism. As the term Meritocracy means, we believe "merit" itself should be a primary consideration during every evaluation.

The purpose of taking the name Meritok as our name is to convey a message to our customers that Meritok shall always strive to be a group where every employee shall be chosen based on merit and every product shall be selected based on quality.

We will strive to get the best people to work with us to ensure the best quality of service and the best quality of products.

Our Mission

The mission of Meritok Online is to give a great hassle free experience to the customer and keep them satisfied. We strive hard to know the consumer behavior and their likes and dislikes as it impacts the level of their satisfaction. To anticipate and respond to our customers' needs, we always try to innovate and embrace change. We try to match their expectations with the quality of our products with focus on improving our services in a way that can bring a smile on our customer’s face.

Our Philosophy

As part of our philosophy, we believe that business is not all about making money. We take more efforts to make sure the customer remains happy and satisfied. We care about the people, our customers, because their visit to our store is an opportunity for us to change a small part of their world and we want make sure they are treated in the most passionate and professional manner, to give them the most memorable and exciting experience. Their visit to our store makes us really happy as it gives us a great platform to serve them.

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