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by Meritok Online - Shopping Mall | Posted in Indian Fashion | No comments yet. | 3532 views on this post

Fashion - Dos & Don'tsIndian Fashion industry is thriving exclusively on the passion and enterprise of the fashion conscious designers. If you consider fashion rules as such, there are no such things as no specific authority dictates as to what you should wear or not wear and what looks good or bad on you or even what goes together and what does not. As part of attracting online readership and promoting magazines, fashion editors and columnists guide consumer fashion choices.

As a youngster, you must be constantly trying to make the right fashion choices. For this, it is important to keep a few aspects in mind. Though it does make sense going with the current trend and following certain dos and don’ts, it is also necessary to keep your specific preference and comfort in mind. Fashion rules must be used as guidelines while making your choices.

Look at the truly fashion-conscious teen or young adult and you will find them breaking rules more often than not. Teens especially are creative and love to innovate. If you are the adventurous type, it makes sense to try out new trends and break rules occasionally. This will help add a great twist to your style.

Here are a few basic dos and don’ts around which you can work to create your own fashion niche.

Combining unusual colors to make an impact – One of the common beliefs among youngsters is that you must not combine clashing colors in salwar kameez, sarees, lehenga or western outfits. There is a general thought on certain colors that can be combined and certain colors that cannot be. This limiting belief will certainly narrow down your choices. It makes sense to choose unusual color combinations at least once in a while to add that extra zing to your personality.

No doubt, certain colors look horrible together. However certain other colors can look amazing when combined even though they do not naturally complement each other. You have a wide spectrum of colors to play around with till you reach the extreme where the horribly clashing colors are.

Wearing bright jewellery – Another hugely limiting belief is that bold, bright jewellery should be worn only during night time. Look at those stylish and chic youngsters out to impress and you will find them wearing attractive, bold, colourful jewellery during the day. If you carefully analyze this belief, you will find that there is no actual base to it. There is no reason why you should not wear bold jewellery during day time as sunlight does not harm jewellery pieces. On any occasion you attend during the day, you can certainly show off some of your brightest pieces.

Highlight your lips and eyes – Even seasoned make-up experts feel that you must not combine colored lips with striking eye make-up. This is a “don’t” that can actually become a “do” for those who are creative and innovative. There is no reason why your lips should be neutral if your eyes are striking.

To ensure that there is no discord in your facial makeup; choose warm toned or cool toned colors for your lips and eyes. Colors chosen from the same family complement each other exquisitely and offer stunning results.

Summer Fashion Dos and Don’ts for young women

It goes without saying that hot, humid days require you to wear cool clothes. Youngsters eager to dress tastefully can choose from a range of casual, cool and comfortable summer fashion clothing like salwar kameez, kurtis or western wear but as you do so, keep in mind these few dos and don’ts.

Color choice – summers are more about pastel shades that reflect freshness and comfort. Choose sarees and other attires in watery, clear colors such as lime, lilac, sea green, washed blues, white with grey, stone and silver undertones. Summers are not when you should wear gold, earth tones, black or shiny silver clothes.

Choice of fabric – This is also very important during the sweltering summer months. Fabrics that can be used include textured fabrics, coated and normal linen, terry-voile, voile, pleated cottons and crushed cottons. Do not choose thick and cumbersome fabrics like stretch velvet.

Clothes for work – For work, wear two piece outfits as they are more comfortable than the single piece apparels. You can combine long skirts with the right colored T-Shirts or tops with interesting necklines. In India, many working women wear salwar-kameez or even sarees to work. It makes sense not to wear clothes with a lot of layers and heavy embroidery work to office. Wedge heels and capris are strictly for weekends.

Evening outings – Teens and youngsters look forward to their exciting evening outings. Those who wish to enjoy their evening outings in a comfortable manner must choose nicely cut, perfectly tailored comfortable clothes made of soft fabrics. You can wear trousers that are slim on the top and loose at the bottom. Complement this with an attractive pastel shade top. It is best to avoid body-hugging tight full-sleeved dresses. Do not go for those large achkans or kurtas with heavy embroidery if you are planning a casual evening out.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Men

What you can do

Checks and stripes are all time favourites for men. Your wardrobe can include a range of casual, checked shirts in different colors. If you wish to be different and leave the plain old styles behind, you can go for the bold and plaid. In order to wear plaid right however you need to follow a few essential aspects. Before deciding on purchasing a plaid outfit, go through these few dos and don’ts.

What you can do – You can choose from a variety of color mix checks like blue, green, yellow, orange and other bright shades. Wear your plaid shirt with solid color trouser and accessories as only one piece must stand out.

If opting for plaid scarf or tie, wear them for winters to exude warmth. No matter what type of outfit you choose, it is imperative to ensure that the fit is exact which means it should not be too loose or tight.

For a casual, basic look, wear jeans with solid color T-shirt inside the plaid shirt. Even in plaids you must choose the cool pastel shades for summers and darker colors for winters. If you are looking for a casual day wear, wear plaid, straight leg cut shorts with a white dress shirt, loafers and skinny tie.

What you cannot do

Never wear more than one plaid garment at a time and refrain from complicating the look by wearing plaid with any other bold geometric design. If you live in a cold climate, it is a good idea wearing warmer materials in bolder colors. Tucking in plaid shirts looks awkward as this design is meant to be casual.

Youngsters who are looking for a dressy outfit to be worn for weddings, you can choose the full-length sherwani all with the scarf of dupatta. These outfits are available in a range of attractive colors. They come with intricate embroidered designs. For a casual look, you can pair your jeans with short kurtas in pastel shades.

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