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Fashion Styling TipsIf you are young and enthusiastic, you must be taking a lot of pain choosing the best dresses and dressing up in style Women in any part of the world love to dress up and look as perfect as the mannequins. Today, the fashion industry especially in countries like India are flooded with the most attractively designed apparels in various styles, fits and colors. To look stunning and appealing, it is imperative for women to identify their flaws and attributes and enhance their positive aspects through their clothes.

Youngsters today are shrewd and well informed and work with the best designers to create amazing outfits. Before you go shopping for clothes, it is important to keep in mind a few essential fashion styling tips. This is the only way you can be assured of finding dresses that fit well and can highlight your personality.

Irrespective of whether you choose western or Indian outfits, the fit should be your focus. In general, as compared to the western wear, Indian clothes are known to offer optimum fit and make the wearer look taller and slimmer. The Indian saree is a perfect example of a garment that has the ability to hide most of the structural flaws in your body and make the wearer look very elegant.

Color balance is another aspect to be considered as you shop for the right Indian garments. If you are a plus size teen or young woman, you must wear a single color ensemble to look slimmer and taller. Creating a silhouette with double or more colors will make you look plumper. If you are heavy at the top, you must choose a light bottom and dark color top. A darker color blouse with a light color saree, a darker color top with light color trousers or a dark color kameez over a light colored salwar will be perfect.

Choose garments with a perfect fit. If you cannot find them ready at the stores, you can get them tailored with the best designers. The garment you wear must neither be too loose or too tight. It must fall over your curves in a smooth manner. This is the best way to enhance your assets and hide your flaws.

Go for an empire waist salwar kameez if you are fleshy at the top. Wear longer kameez if you are short. Avoid sleeveless blouses or kameez if you are broad at the shoulders. No matter how you look, you must ensure that the clothes you choose are stylish yet comfortable and exquisitely complement your figure. The best way to find out is to try out the outfit you are planning to purchase at the store before buying. Take your family member or friend to help you choose. Today, there is a stunning range of choice of Indian teen and women apparel. If you go about it the right way, it is not difficult finding clothes that are made especially for you.

Sarees – the perfect Indian women’s garment

In India, it is not surprising to see very young women, those still in college, wearing a saree and carrying it off well too. Indian women enjoy shopping for exclusive sarees at popular stores and online. In order to look extremely stylish and beautiful in a saree, there are a few aspects to keep in mind.

Those who are on the plumper side must avoid sleeveless blouses and choose darker shade sarees. Plus size youngsters must choose vertical line prints over the horizontal prints in sarees as this will lend a slimmer look. Kota and cotton sarees are best avoided. Heavier women must go for the softer georgette and chiffon sarees that fall well and highlight their assets.

Medium built young women must choose colors like fawn and beige for best results. Satin, georgette and soft silk sarees are the best choice as they fall well over their contours. Blouses can be tailored in net materials with straps and deep cuts.

Fashion tips for men

Look at any college-going young man today and you will find them extremely well dressed. Men today are highly fashion-conscious and look for attractive outfits to showcase their personality. Gone are the days when only women focused on fashion and dressing up. Today’s man love to keep himself updated on the latest fashion trends and keep fine-tuning his wardrobe in keeping with emerging styles.

Young men who wish to spice up their wardrobes according to the contemporary style, colors and trends must keep a few fashion styling tips in mind. In India, the Western wear is as popular as the traditional Indian styles.

If you have just started on your first job and have to wear a suit on a daily basis, you must know a few essential facts. Wearing suits to office can be cumbersome if the attire you choose is not perfect. Coupled with a crisp shirt, the right trousers and accessories like cuff links you can create a gentleman’s look even as you enjoy optimum comfort.

For that exclusive casual look, men can choose the ripped denims and tee look. Pair this with a square shaped scarf tied around in style and funky colored slippers and you are ready to go.

Today’s Indian men are adventurous enough to try out various color options. They are adventurous enough to go for colors like yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and red for their shirts, pants, jackets and coats. Sherwanis, salwar kameez and kurtas come in a riot of bright hues.

Today’s men are also conscious about carrying the right type of bag that go with their clothes. There are several options of bags available in the market today. You can choose from a stunning range of cuts, styles, designs and colors of backpacks, sling bags, laptop bags, duffle bags and briefcases.

Teens and young men love shopping for shoes especially with the wide variety of sandals, sneakers, sports shoes and boots available in the market. Wearing polished, well fitting shoes contributes a lot to looking stylish and well dressed.

Having his own signature fragrance is another area where a young man takes a lot of trouble. With the plethora of body sprays, perfumes and fragrances available today, this is not a big feat.

Men’s accessory market is flourishing especially in India. Walk around any of the malls or road side markets, you can find a stunning range of wallets, cufflinks, tie, belt, sunglasses and watches. It is important to mix and match the right accessories with the right outfits to look stylish. You can also find teens and young men excitedly shopping for attractive accessories.

Latest entrant to the world of men’s fashion in India is the men’s jewellery. Daring young men love to display their masculinity with attractive and brazen chains, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Indian traditional wear exquisitely brings out a man’s sex appeal. There are many popular ethnic clothing brands catering to this segment.

Fashion trends show you the direction in which you must go. Especially young men and women must however follow their heart and dress according to their unique personality to ensure maximum comfort and style.

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