How to Select Gift for Your Wife?

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Mostly a man doesn't like to shop for his wife, not because he doesn't want to, but because he feels it's really hard to figure out what would actually be the best thing for her. In addition, there are plenty of gift choices available for women. So it is really a challenging task to choose the perfect gift that suits one's wife. No doubt, women would love to try different dresses and jewelry. It will be suitable for any occasion. If you buy exclusive things, it would be even more prominent. Diamond ring or earring, pearl necklaces and platinum pendants are great choices of gifts for women. Here are some tips for men in choosing a gift for women:



  • Try to recall what she had asked or wished to buy in the past.
  • Check magazines and catalogs in order to find a gift that your wife likes.
  • You can ask her friends, parents or colleagues with whom she is close. Even your kids can help you in this since they spend a long time with her. They know their mother and her likes as well as dislikes better than any other.
  • If you don't have any idea, simply get her a gift voucher or give cash. It would be great rather than going with a wrong choice of gift.
  • Be aware of your wife's allergies and try to avoid getting them. Some people have allergies to perfumes, chocolates and some cosmetic brands.
  • Don't forget to check the size if you are planning to purchase some dress, shoes or ring for her.
  • If you are thinking of buying a jewelry gift for her, it is a good idea to personalizing it by engraving initials.
  • Combining gifts is also an excellent way to impress your wife. Buy a nice outfit and matching accessories for it.
  • It is advisable to go with dress or designer hand bag only if you know her tastes well.
  • You can keep the bills of the purchased gifts to be on safer side. It will help you if she needs an exchange.
  • If you get a chance, consult with the shop assistant whether your choice of gift is suitable. These people are trained and they have a lot of experience in gift selection of women. Always have your own opinion first and just cross check it with them. If both of your choices match, you are in the right path.
  • Take into account about your wife's hobbies, interests and profession since this can give some clues. If she is a professional chef, get some kitchen tools.
  • Chocolates, flowers, plush toys, jewelry and crystal vase are good choices for valentines day gifts.

Unique Gift Ideas

A Day at the Spa

If your wife feel really fed up with household works and baby sitting, you can get her a day at the spa. She can enjoy a relaxing massage at spa. She will certainly be happy to see her beautiful nails with manicure and her face glowing after a rejuvenating facial.

Travel Tickets

Getting a trip to some new place is the best gift for a person who loves traveling. Spend some time in choosing the place she would like to visit. Present her a tote bag with the travel tickets inside.

Candle Light Dinner

You can take some recipes of her favorite dishes from the internet and cook for her. Set up a romantic candle light dinner with just you and her. Your wife will surely get impressed with this idea.

Designer Handbag

A designer handbag or clutch would be perfect for a professional. However, always keep in mind her choice of color, style and brand.  

Holiday Trip

If you are recently married and have not yet had a chance for long vacations, this is the right time. Surprise your wife with a romantic holiday trip. She will never forget this gift. Even if you were married few years before, you can choose the same place where you went for your honeymoon. This would be great to recall and cherish that good old memories. You can also choose a completely different place if you like. A beach-side resort or hill station hotel would be great to spend time with.

Winter Wear

Cashmere sweater would be a perfect gift for your wife. It is soft as well as luxurious. Combine a perfect-fit dress, scarf and a lovely pair of gloves to keep her warm during the winter season.


If you know her favorite fragrance very well, you can get a lovely perfume for her. It is an impeccable option and never goes wrong. She feels excited to see that you know her signature fragrance.

Personalized Photo Gifts

You can get your wedding photos printed on mugs, cushions, cuddly toys and phone covers. It makes an excellent choice of gift for anniversary day.

Books and CDs

For a music lover, you can get a CD of her favorite music albums. If she is interested in watching movies, you can buy her movie tickets. Books of her favorite author is ideal for a book lover.


Trendy women want to try different sort of gadgets. If your wife is already having phone, laptop and other gadgets, you can think of buying accessories for gadget. You have a wide range of choices including tablet sleeves, ear-buds, speaker, iPhone cases, docking stations and many more. You can check in the internet to know more about gadgets.

Express Your Love for Her

We all give gifts for our dearest ones to express our love for them. So the most important thing is to show how much you are loving your wife. Even if you couldn't spend money for buying luxurious gifts at present, you can spend some valuable time with her. If you can't really afford them, it is better to leave because you have to face the consequences of budgeting problems. However if you can afford, try to avoid hesitation for buying costlier things. After all these things help to bring a big smile on your wife's face. It is always good to keep in mind that the most invaluable gift for a wife is her husband's love.

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