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Information Source

When you browse our website, we will collect some basic information like your IP address, browser type you used, your operating system information, the date and time, the pages of you visited  and the URL of the site that was linked to our website, in case you used that site to navigate to our site. All these inputs will not help us in identifying you and you can be sure that we will not use this information to link to you in anyway.

When you do some shopping on our site, our software captures all your personal details like your address, phone number, email address, credit card and other basic payment information that we require.

Information Sharing and Usage

As a policy decision, we will never use your personal data unless we have the permission from you to do so. We may use and share this information with our dealers, corporate affiliates, vendors to process your order in an efficient manner. This information may also be used by us for any audit or legal purpose. We also use this information for our research and to understand the needs of our customer in a better way. When we launch new products, we make all our customers aware using the same information. The information you provide us and the information we collect from you will be used by us to serve you more effectively.

We do not share, sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties for unknown

On no occasion, do we ever sell, trade, share or even rent the personal details of all our client to any third party.


We place “cookies” on our customer’s personal customer from time to time. These cookies are identifiers that are sent from web servers. This is stored on your computer and it will help us know if you will log on to our website again.  These cookies would also help us understand how you located our site. As a matter of privacy, all these cookies are not used by us to send any personal information about you to any person. As a user, you have the choice to decline or accept any cookies. Today we can see that many web browsers accept cookies automatically although you have the option to modify the setting of the browser to decline the cookies in case you do not want us to place cookies on your personal computer. However, it is important for you to note that there are certain features of the site that may not function well in case you decline the cookies.


Like many other sites, our site is also well connected to other sites. The sites to which we are linked may also pass on the details of your visit to their site. For all the sites that are not owned or controlled by us, we do not enforce our privacy policy. Hence we are in no way responsible for the integrity or the accuracy of the content that is present in those sites. As a precaution, we encourage all the users to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of our company before you make any shopping at our site.


We have got very good standards for security and abide by the privacy laws.  We make sure the information we receive from you is safeguarded well keeping in mind the physical , procedural and electronic safeguards of this Industry. We take care that this information is retained with us in our system and infrastructure.

You can be happy to note that all sensitive data about the users are encrypted and then stored in our systems. When this data is not necessary we decrypt and process and then discard the same. We use data centers that are well audited and host the web services. The access to data processing servers are however restricted.

Privacy Policy Changes

We have updated our privacy policy on June 1, 2013. Our policy is updated frequently. When ever we update, we will update all our users about the update of the privacy policy.


In case you have any queries regarding our privacy policy , you are free to email your queries to our support function at

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