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by Meritok Online - Shopping Mall | Posted in Indian Fashion | No comments yet. | 1367 views on this post

Precious jewellery is perfect to gift for a precious person of your life. And ring is the most popular choice of jewellery gift with both men and women. Usually, gifting a ring to your spouse is a symbol of love, concern and togetherness. A ring is not just a gift, it expresses a person's  love and commitment for mate. Especially, gifting a diamond ring to your spouse refers eternal love. Rings are suitable gifts for any occasion, especially for valentines day, anniversary and your spouse's birthday. Few points to help you if you are planning to gift a ring for your spouse:

Birthstone rings

Purchasing rings with birthstones is an excellent way of showing your love to your loved ones. Each month on the calendar has a gemstone and you can buy a ring with gemstone based on your spouse's birthday. Birthstone rings are beautiful and unique gifts that give the hope of love for decades.

Personalized rings

You can also get rings that are engraved with initials. These personalized rings are perfect for gifting on certain occasions like anniversary. A meaningful engraving will remind the special occasion to your spouse for years. One important thing is, you must be confident that your spouse likes it when you go with personalized rings. Since a rings can't be returned or exchanged after engraving is done in it.

Know your budget

Always try to buy a jewellery which comes in your budget. You set a maximum amount that you can spend for the gift and stick into it. You can directly ask the sales person in the shop to show the rings that are in your budget.

Create your own design

You can get unusual and unique designs in jewellery stores when it comes to rings. Nowadays, there are shops which works on your own design. It is really a great feeling that you are designing for your loved ones. Your spouse will certainly love your design because no one else knows them very well as like you.

Think about your spouse's tastes

Choosing jewellery for you spouse may seem to be a hard one, knowing your spouse's style makes the job easy. Observe what color, metal and style of jewellery your spouse would like to wear frequently. You can also check with their friends or look in to their collection. If you are shopping for your wife, you know that she will love it absolutely. If she likes a monochromatic look, you can get a simple ring with her birthstone.

Think of size

If you buy a ring which is not in the right size of your spouse, they feel really awkward. So you have to be cautious with the size you are choosing. It is good to check the size before going to a shop.

Plan the order delivery time

It is important to take into account of the time left for the gifting occasion. If you plan before a month, you can go with a custom-made ring since it will take more time. In case you have less time, you can better choose one of the available pieces in the shop.

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