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Free Shipping All Over India! offers free shipping all over India. Buy anything on and get your product delivered free of shipping cost!


Is there any way to know the status of my order or orders?

Yes, you can check the status of your order by simply clicking on the “My account” link given in the top menu of any page in our site. This link will take you to your “My Account” page. If you are already logged Click on the “Order history” link displayed in the right side if you are logged in. In case you are not logged in, you need to login first. You can see the list of orders you have placed with us along with their status. We will also send you an email with the shipping information, after shipping your order.

Why I haven’t got my product yet?

Sometimes, unexpected situation may arise, causing your order to get delayed. We will send you an email to provide you with all the essential information about the delay and the new expected date of delivery. You can also get to know your order status by clicking on “My Account” link available in the top menu of any page in our site. The link will help you understand the exact status of the orders along with the order Ids on that page. If the status indicates “shipped”, you order is already shipped and may take a few days to reach you.

Is there any difference between shipping time and delivery time?

Yes, shipping means packing and shipping the product you have ordered. You can find the shipping time on the products displayed on our website. For instance, you can see-“ships within 5 days” near the products. This is the number of working days that will be taken to dispatch the product from our place. The delivery may take few more days, depending on your locality and the courier service provider used.

How do you pack the items?

We pack the items carefully to avoid any type of damage. The package is made of water proof material with plastic wrap, which ensures enhanced protection to the items, so you can be sure that the product will be delivered to you undamaged.

What to do if I find my package opened or torn upon delivery?

Please don’t accept any open or torn out package. Contact our Customer Service and specify the problem as soon as possible.

Free Shipping

What are the conditions for Free Shipping in India?

We offer free shipping to India, if

  • You place an order for at least 1000
  • Ship the items you have ordered to a single address in India.

Things to Note about Free Shipping

  • You will not get free shipping on your order; if you cancel any eligible items and it bring down your total to less than Rs. 1000.
  • You may use free shipping along with a promotional code. You will get the advantage of fee shipping so far as your total amount before applying the promotional code is qualified for free shipping .
  • For some products, you may need to provide handling fees.
  • If you buy bulky or inexpensive items, shipping fees may be applicable.
  • If you cancel items or combine orders or change your shipping address, it may affect the eligibility of your order to obtain free shipping.
  • We retain the right to modify or terminate free shipping option at any time.

Worldwide Shipping is happy to serve international customers too. We accept orders from around the world. Depending on the delivery address for your order and the product or products you have ordered, the shipping charges and fees may differ.

Products sold by Meritok merchants or vendors may be shipped globally as well. The merchants or vendors may fix their own shipping fees.

Is there any restriction on international shipments?

Please note the following for products delivered internationally:

  • Warranty offered by any manufacturer may not be valid.
  • Service options offered by manufacturer may be unavailable
  • Product manual may not be available in the language of the destination country.
  • The product and/or accompanying materials may not be designed according to the standards, specification and labeling needs of the destination country.
  • You are liable for assuring that the item can be imported to your country legally.

How will you maintain the privacy of my information?

We value your privacy and we know how important the privacy of your information is for you. We would like our worldwide customers and customers shipping products globally to understand that cross border shipments are vulnerable to opening. They may be inspected by custom authorities.

Are there circumstances when you provide information to Customs Authority?

We may need to give information about some products, order and shipment, including the titles to our global carriers. The carriers may give the information to the customs authorities to facilitate custom clearance and to abide with the local laws.

What is your policy with respect to returns and replacements?

If the product is damaged, defective or lost in transit, will offer replacement at no extra charge to global customers.  We do not offer returns and replacements in other cases.

Estimates of Delivery

We make delivery estimates by adding the expected shipping dates and adding the time that will be taken for a package to travel from the facilities of our merchant to your destination address. Depending on your delivery location and shipping option selected by you, the delivery estimates may vary.

The shipping estimate will be listed on the product page. This is the time take to get the items ready for shipment. The shipping time determines the estimated date of delivery.

Is the estimate for international delivery the same?

No, international shipment orders are subject to customs clearance procedures and so they may have some delays beyond the original estimates of delivery time.

Tracking your order

Using the tracking number provided in the shipping information for your orders, you may be able to track the shipment of your order.

For tracking your package, you have to visit the website of any one of our shipping partners. The name of the shipping partner would be specified in the account page.

Which courier company do you use for delivery?

Each of our vendor or merchant has their own tie up with a number of courier partners. The courier service provider for your order is selected based on your location.

Cash on Delivery

Do you provide Cash on Delivery option for international orders?

No, at present we do not offer Cash of Delivery option on international orders.

What is the process of paying by Cash on Delivery option on an order?

You can choose Cash on Delivery option on an order if

  • The products you have chosen are available for Cash on Delivery.
  • Our courier partners provide service in your locality and they offer cash collection services as well. Generally, we offer service to all major locations in India. Some remote locations may not get this service.
  • The total amount of your order is below 1,00,000
  • You have an active mobile number

Kindly note that if you have ordered for multiple items, where some of the items are not eligible for Cash on Delivery  option, then the payment option will not be available at the time of check out.

Shipping Restrictions

Restrictions from manufacturers, warranty issues and non serviceable pin codes are some of the problems that stop us from delivering products to all locations. We may not be able to ship the products to all places in India and overseas because of any of these reasons

  • Warranty problems- warranty on products (especially electronic products) is available only in some locations. This may prevent us from shipping such products to locations that are not covered by warranty.
  • Restrictions from Manufacturers- Manufacturer of some products like books may have permission to sell in only some geographies and not outside that. The regulatory or other limitations may prevent us from shipping to such locations.
  • Non functional pin codes- though we strive continuously to offer delivery to all zip codes across India, there are chances for missing out a few locations.

Sometimes, a few customers say that they are not able to purchase products from us at their pin code, but they bought previously at the same code-

The reason may be- our vendors or merchants connect with some new courier service providers and make changes to areas that do not match our service standards. In such cases, we renew our contracts with better courier service providers. Hence, a few areas may be affected temporarily. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Combining and Separating Orders

If possible, we combine multiple orders into the same shipment. This aids us to reduce the number of shipments that we need to send to you.

How multiple orders are combined?

We combine various orders into the same shipment, if they meet the following conditions

  • Several orders are placed through one customer account.
  • The [products are being shipped to the same address
  • Products from each order are located at the same fulfillment center of
  • The products are being shipped at around the same time.

We may separate some type of orders

  • The orders that have several items with different estimated dates of delivery. Each of the items to be shipped may have a separate invoice. In such cases, we separate the order.
  • Products ordered are from different vendors or from different fulfillment centers.

What to do if package not received after delivery date?

You will find tracking information available in Your Account for the orders that are fulfilled by and shipped through one of our shipping partners. Please check whether this information is available and go through the available options

  • If the tracking information states that the package has been delivery, please check with your family members or neighbors. The packages are left with neighbors occasionally. Sometimes the package may be kept outside your home or office safely.
  • If the tracking information specifies that the package is being returned to us or if the address is not correct, the package may have been undeliverable.
  • If no tracking information available or you find it hard to locate the package and it is not being returned as “not deliverable”, please feel free to write to us on or just call us on +919824717601.
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