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Terms & Conditions

We welcome you to Meritok.com. It is necessary to first read through and agree to these terms and conditions if you wish to avail our services from our website or through one of our affiliate sites.

Go through all the terms and conditions and accept them before you browse through Meritok.com website. Any guidelines or terms & conditions applicable to any of the service offered by our business must be abided by if you are planning on using any of the mentioned or even not-mentioned services offered by Meritok.com or its affiliates.

Privacy Policy

To obtain a clear idea about the practices and policies that govern our website Meritok.com, please go through our Privacy Policy carefully.

Any purchase made on our site is bound by these Terms & conditions. Any order issued by you for our products are deemed offers which will be accepted by us through mobile confirmation or email. Your specific acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale will govern each of the offers which will be governed by no other terms and conditions. Meritok Fashion does not keep inventory of items as the site is only a platform that sells products of its vendors and partners.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication is when you contact us through emails sent via Meritok.com website. You accept receipt of further emails from us when you start communicating with us by email. We offer customers information on our products, services and offers through notices on our website and through email. When you receive any communication from us via email or through disclosures, notices and agreements, you agree in writing that such communication satisfies all legal requirements.


We reserve the right to change prices of all our products or services without any prior notice. Any price accepted mutually during the placing of order will stand good. Prices quoted on the website include all charges including applicable taxes. It is in the interest of customers to keep checking on the website for any information regarding additional taxes or charges. The currency conversion rate are approximate and there maybe slight variation due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate. When the currency selected while placing order is other than INR, 5% will be added to the product price as conversion handling charges for converting back to INR.

Availability of Products

The products listed on the Meritok.com may not be available in the desired quantity at all times. It maybe possible that a product is listed as available but it might have been sold out through another selling channel operated by the seller or the merchant. If the product is not available, the customer shall be notified as soon as possible.


Until orders are placed on our website using the COD or Cash on Delivery mode of payment, payment using any other option must be sent to us before we ship the order. Meritok.com accepts payment through various options such as mobile payments, cash card, debit card, credit card, net banking, draft, cash or cheque..

Shipping and Handling

Our company will ship products ordered for. There is no guarantee however on constant shipping schedules. If there is an unavoidable delay in shipping, we do not stand responsible. After delivery of the product, any damages, title and risk of loss pass on to you. In case of an issue with the product, you can send it back to us through any courier of your choice in case our logistic partners are unable to offer reverse shipment.

Returns Policy

Only products that are damaged during transit, defective, sent with incomplete packaging or sent wrong will be accepted for return by us and our vendors/partners/affiliates. Returns will be accepted provided we are informed of the condition within 72 hours from the date the product is received by you. Products returned to the vendor, affiliate or partner must be in their original condition.

Cancellation and Changes in Order

You can make any changes regarding quantity, range of items and specifications in the order by modifying the order details. Any alterations, cancellations and reduction in quantity must be made before shipping of the order. Before shipment, we reserve the right to cancel orders accepted without liability if the credit is not accepted by our credit department or if there are any other issues regarding the choice of payment method.

Refund Policy

Depending on the product category, Meritok.com will charge applicable restocking fee for orders cancelled after procurement and before shipping. You will have to pay a 10% of restocking fee on product value for most orders. Within 7 to 10 working days, your money will be refunded after deducting the restocking fee.

Access to Website and License

General access: Apart from page caching, you cannot download or modify any pages on Meritok.com website without prior written consent from the site administrators. You are provided with the license to use the website personally in keeping with the limited access license.

No commercial sale license access: The license provided to you Meritok.com does not allow you to use any content from this website. You are not allowed to use any pricing, description, product listing, account information, data extraction and gathering tools and data mining information from the website.

No copying or reproduction: No portion of this website can be reproduced, copied, duplicated, exploited or sold for commercial purposes without obtaining written consent from the site administrators.

No framing of proprietary information: No proprietary information like logo, trademark, form, page layout, text and images must be framed using framing technology from Meritok.com and affiliates without obtaining written permission from the site administrators.

No using Metatags: Using Meritok.com’s name, you are not allowed to use any trademark or hidden text like metatags without express permission from the site. Meritok.com will terminate the license of any such unauthorized use of the site.

Customer Account

Account protection: After reading through the entire privacy policy on the Meritok.com website, you agree to keep your account username and password confidential and restrict access to your system. For all activities occurring under your account, you accept total responsible.

Website usage by children: As further mentioned in the Privacy Policy of the website, Meritok.com sells products directly only to adults and never to children. Involvement of a parent or guardian is a must for those above the age of 18 wanting to place an order on our website. At their sole discretion, Meritok.com and its affiliates reserve the right to cancel orders, refuse service or remove or edit content.

Site Content Including Communications, Comments and Reviews

Nature of content: Meritok.com visitors can send communications like e-cards, post comments and reviews and submit any other information like questions, comments, ideas and suggestions provided the content does not infringe on intellectual property rights, invade privacy, defamatory, threatening, obscene or illegal. Content posted by visitors must also not be objectionable and cause any harm or injury to third party. Content posted must also not be any form of spam or mass mailing, commercial solicitation, political campaigning or carrying software virus.

False information: Information provided by you must in no way be false which means you must not impersonate another person, use false email address or provide misleading information on content like origin of a card. Meritok.com does not conduct periodical reviews of comments posted but strictly reserves the right to edit or remove any such objectionable content.

Rights Granted: Meritok.com and its affiliates reserve the right to publish, adapt, modify, reproduce, distribute, create derivative work from, translate and display material and content submitted or posted by you unless informed to you otherwise by us. Meritok.com and its affiliates have non-exclusive, fully sub-licensed, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free rights to displaying the content in any global media.

Right Owned: As a part of right to own content, you specifically warrant and represent that you control and own all rights to the posted content. You also warrant the accuracy of the content and represent that the content is not in violation of supply policy and at no time will cause injury to any entity or person.You will indemnify that any claims your content may provoke is not the responsibility of Meritok.com or its affiliates.  This website is under no obligation but has the right to remove or edit any content or activity. Meritok.com also assumes no liability or accepts no responsibility for content posted by any third party including you.

Risk of Loss

Shipment contract is the base on which Meritok.com supplies purchased items. This directly translates to the fact that after products are delivered, any title or risk of loss for the items shipped passes on to you.

Description of Products

Meritok.com and affiliates try to describe products as clearly and accurately as possible. The site however offers no complete guarantee that the product descriptions are completely error-free, current, reliable or accurate.  In case there is a discrepancy between the description and the product received by you and you do not want to accept the item, it must be returned in unused condition and shipped back within 72 hours.

Website Severability, Modification and Policies

It is in your interest to review all our policies before using Meritok.com website.  At any given time, we hold the rights to make changes to our site, terms & conditions and policies. In case we find any condition irrelevant, void or invalid and not enforceable, we deem the condition severable. This will not however affect the enforceability and validity of all other conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of Copyright

Protected ny the Indian Copyright law, all content on this website such as logos, graphics, text, software, data compilations, digital downloads, audio clips and button icons are the sole property of Meritok.com or affiliate sites.

Protection of Trademarks

Registered trademarks of Meritok Fashion on Meritok.com website protected by copyright include Meritok Ethnic Wear, Meritok Online, Meritok.com and Meritok Fashion.

Trade dress or trademarks of Meritok.com include all its scripts, logos, graphics and button icons and none of these can be used in relevance to any other service or product not associated with Meritok.com or its affiliates.

Any other trademarks you may find on the website that does not belong to Meritok.com or its affiliates belong to their owners who may or may not be associated, connected to or affiliated with Meritok.com or affiliates.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Based specifically on the laws of India, these terms and conditions have been construed. To the exclusion of all other courts, only the competent Vadodara courts in Gujarat have jurisdiction over any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions.

Liability Limitation and Disclaimer of Warranties

a) We strive to provide the most accurate information at all times. However we offer absolutely no guarantee on our representations made with regard to our products or services, completeness of data, accuracy and quality. Meritok.com will not under any circumstance, direction or event be directly or indirectly responsible for any damage to products due to -

1) Access, alteration and transmission of user data in an illegal manner
2) Inability or ability to use services
3) All other issues relate to our services like data, profits, damage occurring from lack of use or website or service performance.

b) In case of an incapability or delay by user in using Meritok.com website or related services, the website is not responsible. Meritok.com Whether based on strict liability, negligence, offense or contract, Meritok .com is not responsible in any way for failure to or provision of any other information, related visuals, products or software obtained through the website. Meritok.com does not offer any guarantee that communications sent by them to users in the form of email or services by Meritok Fashions is free from other harmful content or viruses. Any damage or loss resulting from such contents or email is not the liability of Meritok.com.

c) During events such as unplanned suspension to access to the site and periodic maintenance operations that may arise due to unavoidable reasons including technical issues, Meritok.com cannot be held responsible for inability to access the website.

d) Any downloading of data or material from the website is entirely at the risk of the user and this is a choice made based on mutual agreement and understanding. Any loss of data or damage to computer systems due to material or content downloaded from Meritok.com website is the sole responsibility of the user.


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