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What Makes A BESPOKE Bat Different? 

Most of our brand's bats are bespoke in nature meaning they are custom-made i.e. made based on the specifications of the customer ordering it. They are not bulk produced. They are made per order. As such utmost attention is given to each bat made in the workshop right from the selection of willow to crafting of ultimate bat.

Hand-Picked Willow, Hand-Crafted Bats

Since the bats are bespoke, individual attention is given to each bat during manufacturing process. Each bat is made with carefully selected willow. The experts with years of experience in bat-making hand-pick the best possible piece of willow for each bat.  Once the willow is selected, the bat is hand-crafted with around 25 individual processes!

Great Balance & Pick-Up

Utmost care is taken to make sure that each bat is according to the specification of the bat and has the bulk of the willow distributed at the right places. No bat leaves the workshop without thorough inspection for best possible balance and pick-up.

Bat Profiles to Match Your Game

Do you like traditional looking profiles or modern looking ones? You can choose a profile that matches your batting style and game.


Light Weight, High Performance 

Thanks to bespoke nature of the bats, customers can choose the weight of the bat they are most comfortable with. Bat weights usually start at as low as 2lb 7oz for standard versions and can go beyond 3lb for XL versions with edges as big as 50 mm. Junior bats are even lighter in weight.

Truly Pre-Prepared 

Bats come pre-prepared and ready-to-play. Individual attention is given to each bat and each bat is properly knowcked-in.​

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