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Chase Cricket of England extends partnership hand to Meritok Online!

Traditional Craftsmanship

Since 1996, from their workshop in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, Chase Cricket has been designing and handcrafting the very finest cricket bats for young and old in all levels of the game.

Chase Cricket's Philosophy

The willow, the finest salix alba caerulea, is sourced locally, allowing Chase Cricket to pay close attention to the weight and grain structure of each cleft. Only the finest willow is selected to become a Chase Cricket bat. Throughout the manufacturing process, every bat is meticulously checked, ensuring that no Chase bat leaves the workshop unless it meets their high standards.

The Chase Guarantee

All bats are given four hours worth of knocking-in to loosen and soften the compressed wood fibres on the surface, forming a supple finish. This increases the performance of the bats recoil reaction. Edges and corners are boned to further strengthe­­n the bat and protect it against damage.

Meritok Online is looking forward to having a long-lasting relationship with Chase Cricket.

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