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Fully Mouldable Cricket Body Armour

Self Molding Luxury Cricket Gears with Maximum Protection

Stretton Fox - the brand obsessed with componentry, luxury and design. Back in 2011, they became fascinated by the idea of designing and creating luxury cricket body armour for all cricketers whilst offering maximum protection. In 2012, Stretton Fox was born and the idea became reality. They now craft top-quality cricket guards for both professionals and everyday cricketers. 

Stretton Fox Guarantee

“Our goal is to provide you with the best cricket protection by using the highest quality materials and design possible.”

Stretton Fox is uniquely placed to combine generations in Sport - the heritage of sports mixed with the science of today to produce class leading products. These products are designed to disrupt, entertain and create conversation.


The foundations of the brand are a mix of imagination, love for sport, heritage in both sport and luxury goods, an absolute commitment to componentry and a desire to create better more purposeful product.

Imagine the Unthinkable

Purposeful Innovation

Creating Desire through Luxury

Love for Sport

Honouring Heritage

Commitment to Componentry

These foundations are communicated through both the product and the actions of the brand.

Who Uses Stretton Fox Protection?

The protective equipment brand of choice for the best batsmen in the world.

Joe Root, Jonny Bairstow, Kane Williamson, MS Dhoni, Kumar Sangakkara, TM Dilshan, Angelo Matthews and Martin Guptill. These players have all purchased used Stretton Fox protection.

 43% of English County Cricketers played with Stretton Fox during the 2019 County Championship.

Modify Series

At Stretton Fox they understand that every player is different in both shape and style. The Modify protection range can be customised to fit by the player at home.

RE FIT – the Self Fit process can be completed time and again so player achieves perfect fit every time.


ERGONOMIC FIT – the Modify range has been created with experience of supplying over 750 professional players with their protective equipment. Once the Self Fit process has been completed the player experiences ultimate comfort and protection.


AMBIDEXTROUS – fully ambidextrous to suit both right handed and left handed players.


ANY FIT STRAPS – the Modify surface enables player to wear elasticated straps in any formation/combination so they can find the perfect fit for them.


SELF FIT PROCESS – the player places their guard in an oven for 10 minutes and then bend, fold, strap the guard as needed to achieve maximum comfort. Once the guard cools it will hold the shape required by the player.

How to hear and mould your body armour
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