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Woodstock Bat Profiles

Woodstock manufactures bats with 5 different profiles - namely The Curve, Tour De Force, Airstream, Classic CVX and Festival. Here is the list of profiles. Choose the profile that closes matches your style and game!

Woodstock "The Curve"

Due to its higher middle than all other Woodstock bat profiles, it is best suited to those who are likely to play on quicker wickets such as those playing in South Africa and Australia. As such, The Curve is popular with professional cricketers due to the quicker nature of the pitches they play on. The Curve profile is more for those who prefer to play on the back foot rather than the front foot. 

Woodstock "Tour De Force"

With a lower middle than The Curve profile, it is more suited to those who play on slower wickets. Available in black badges, the award winning Tour De Force is a brilliant option for a predominantly front foot player. 

Woodstock "Airstream"

The Airstream is Woodstock's most popular profile, offering something for everyone. It comes with slightly higher middle than the Tour De Force, but a slightly lower middle than The Curve. With a bigger and incredibly well balanced profile around the entire blade, it is a great all-round option across any type of wicket and for any type/level of player who likes the more modern style of bat profile. With chrome and blue stickers, the Airstream is the profile for a confident player able to play off both the front and back foot. 

Woodstock "Classic CVX"

The Classic CVX is Woodstock's most traditional shape with a fuller profile and lesser concaving across the back of the bat than the other models. The Classic CVX is a very popular profile with those who prefer the more traditional looking profile rather than the more concaved look and massive edges of modern day bats. The Classic CVX is a brilliant all-round option for playing anywhere in the world on any kind of wicket. With classic Maroon stickers, this stylish profile is perfect for those who like to take a more understated approach.

Woodstock "Festival"

Festival is Woodstock's T20 bat. An inch shorter in the blade but available in the same weights as any other profile, meaning there is more wood in the blade to aid clearing those baundary ropes! Festival comes with a massive all-round profile due to the blade being an inch shorter than standard. The handle is slightly longer in order for the bat to be of the desired size. A great choice for those playing predominantly T20 cricket and other shorter format cricket. With striking Purple and Orange stickers Festival really is the show man’s profile!

Know Woodstock Through Their Own Words

Woodstock's aim is to provide the finest quality handcrafted cricket bats suitable for the best players in the world. We are based just outside Ludlow in the South Shropshire Hills where we manufacture the bats. Woodstock brings traditional qualities from the past and combine them with modern techniques so that the bats are geared towards the highest levels of the modern demanding game. The bat profiles that we produce are cutting edge in their design and performance. 

Woodstock Products

At Woodstock we use the finest hand selected willow harvested in the South of England and the best quality 12 piece sarawak cane from Indonesia for the handles. It takes over 3 hours of detailed workmanship to create 1 handcrafted Woodstock bat and involves over 25 individual processes. Great attention is taken in every process to ensure a beautifully balanced and finished bat from the shaping of the cleft with draw knives and planes to the time spent in the sanding, polishing, labeling and gripping. 

Players are fitter and stronger than ever requiring sophisticated equipment that not only brings the traditional qualities of bat making to the fore, but is also geared towards the demands of today's powerful, performance cricketer. In addition to our handcrafted cricket bats, we offer ranges of pads, gloves, balls, kit and equipment, made from the highest quality materials in our distinct classical styling. 

Where Are Woodstock Bats Used?​

To date apart from the UK, Woodstock bats are being sold in all the main cricketing countries Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan and have even been shipped to Spain, Italy, France, UAE and Argentina! 

Awards and Recognition

Woodstock bats have won many awards for their quality, performance, pick-up and value for money they provide. Here are a  few of them as published in the Cricketer magazine.

2021: Woodstock's Tour De Force Players LE and Airstream Players LE rank First and Second respectively in The Cricketer "Good Gear Guide"

2019: Woodstock's Classic CVX Players LE ranks overall 3rd in The Cricketer "Good Gear Guide"

2018: Woodstock's Airstream Players LE ranks overall 3rd in The Cricketer "Good Gear Guide"

2017: Woodstock's Classic CVX Players LE wins The Cricketer "Good Gear Guide - Best in Class" award

2012: Woodstock's Tour de Force Players LE wins The Cricketer "The DON's Pick 2012" award

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